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We are a day programme that is targeted to adults with autism who are not able to perform the tasks required in adult life without additional prompting and support. We believe adults with a disability require life-long learning.

Our aim is to promote and develop a programme of meaningful activities and interaction, with the aim of allowing them to build their foundations for a good quality of life in spite of their disability. We are open from 08:00 to 15:00 daily, Monday to Friday, with an annual holiday break in December.

Quality of life for a person with a disability being defined as:

  • being safe
  • being comfortable (warm); preparing and eating good food that one likes and is healthy
  • having some choice and autonomy over one’s day
  • being mentally stimulated, with the expectation to grow and develop
  • having a day filled with variety, which has a defined structure to it
  • performing activities that are rewarding and that are linked to individual strengths and weaknesses
  • feeling useful, with a sense of purpose and achievement
  • being treated as the individuals that they are.

Program Focus Areas

Vocational/Protective Workshop Skills Development

To develop the required attention, motor and staying-on-task skills for work in a protective workshop to their maximum ability. Examples of skills include sorting, packing, compiling, packaging, office work, filing, object assembly. Participants work in a fully operation protective workshop on a regular weekly basis with the assistance of our staff.

Communication & Socialization Skills

To develop and maintain appropriate social behaviors and practices in community and group settings, as well as to foster increased independence through communication. All the activities in the day work on this aspect. Examples of activities include playing board games, outdoor team sport activities, outings and meal times.

Daily Living Skills

To develop skills in self-care and daily household living. Examples of Skills include laundry; household cleaning; washing dishes; preparing snacks; cooking skills; shopping and personal hygiene.

Leisure & Well-being

To replicate a normal, fulfilling day with balanced activities, and to promote the ability to gain enjoyment from activities such as hiking, going for a walk; swimming, watching TV, listening to music, ball skills, ten pin bowling; computer games and games console games, reading/looking at books. Often these skills have to be developed.


To continue to develop learning readiness as an essential component of future learning.

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Enrollments are done through interviews and a trial visit to ensure best fit of the programme to the applicant. A monthly fee is payable in advance.

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